Atlanta Police Officer Lonnie Hood Charged with Aggravated Assault

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Marietta, Georgia *****

Atlanta Police Officer Lonnie Hood has been charged with aggravated assault for attacking Messiah Young and Taniyah Pilgrim as they were leaving a peaceful protest. Officer Hood and five others didn't like being filmed, so they chased down the car Young and Pilgrim were in, which was easy due to gridlock, smashed out the windows, and repeatedly tased both victims. Aggravated assault is an appropriate charge because stun guns are deadly weapons known to kill when used excessively like they were here.

We believe this to be the booking information for Mr. Hood from the Fulton County Jail:

Booking #: 2008126

Fulton County Sheriff's Office

Facility: Booked: 06/03/2020

Released: 06/03/2020


Desc: Black Male 5' 8" 185 lbs

Alias: Hood, L; Hood, L.; HOOD, LONNIE, Jr.; Hood, N/A; HOOD #1391, LONNIE

Hair: Black

SO: #P01109681

Eyes: Brown

Address: Marietta, GA *****

Warrant #: 20DA04975

Charge: Aggravated Assault

Offense Date: 05/30/2020

Bond/Type: 4,500.00

Disposition: Signature Bond

Warrant #: 20DA04975

Charge: Simple Battery

Offense Date: 05/30/2020

Bond/Type: 1,000.00

Disposition: Signature Bond

Public records contain the following personal information:




AGE: 47

**** ****** ***** ** **


As you can see we are granting officer hood an exception from our police officer address blocking feature due to the seriousness of his conduct and the high profile nature of the case. We believe that homes of officers involved in these incidents are good places to picket and people need addresses to know where to protest peacefully.

The other officers involved were Willie Sauls, Mark Gardner, Ivory Streeter, Armond Jones, and Roland Claud. You can find profiles of the others at

Due to time going by and a decline in public interest in this case, we have removed the home address from this post. It was posted because at the time we believed it might be useful for peaceful protest organizers, but we don't see people really protesting this specific officer anymore and when we did we are not aware of the organizers actually using this information.

The address listing was only intended to be temporary for the duration of peaceful anti-police brutality protests, and although such protests continue we have determined that some addresses including this one are far less useful at this time.

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