Williamsburg County Jail CO Keondra Snow Arrested for Sex with Inmate

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SCLE Press Release with Arrest Warrant:

Former Williamsburg County Detention Center (WCDC) Correctional Officer Keondra Kenetha Snow was arrested today for having sex with an inmate according to a press release issued by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). The incident took place on September 30th when Snow was working as a "jail officer" at WCDC. According to SLED the investigation began at the request of the sheriff and the case is being prosecuted by the 3rd Circuit Solicitor's Office.

According to a sworn affidavit written for the court by Ashley Jolda:

"On 9/30/2020, one Keondra Kenetha Snow did unlawfully have sexual intercourse with Khalil Williams inside the Williamsburg County Detention Center. At the time, Snow was a certified Correctional Officer employed by the Williamsburg County Sheriff's Office with the statutory responsibility for inmates confined in the Williamsburg Detention Center. Williams was an inmate confined in the Detention Center, under the supervision of Snow. Snow admitted to the act of sexual intercourse with Williams, while on duty. This violation taking place at Williamsburg County Detention Center, in Williamsburg County, South Carolina. Sexual Misconduct with an Inmate is in violation of South Carolina Code of Laws, section 44-23-1150 as amended. "

We found Keondra Snow's Facebook profile (https://www.facebook.com/keondra.snow) which contained the above images. Several comments were posted in response to her posts by a woman with the same last name as the man she had sex with at the jail (ex: https://www.facebook.com/keondra.snow/posts/3088280404545457) but we don't think she is related to Khalil Williams. Media reports say that one Khalil Raheem Williams was arrested by Williamsburg County deputies for attempted murder in 2018. Serious cases like that can take a long time to resolve, so we think that is probably the same Khalil Williams that Snow had sex with (https://www.live5news.com/2018/11/21/deputies-arrest-year-old-williamsburg-co-shooting/).

On Facebook, Snow lists her hometown as Morrisville which is in the same area as addresses she is listed under in public records. Morrisville is barely on the map, so we are not sure why she lists it as her hometown when public records show that she is a 26 year old female that resided in Andrews, South Carolina before she was booked into the same jail that she used to work at. The irony of that is certainly not lost on the inmates who surely rejoice at the sight of a former guard wearing inmate clothes. Snow is most likely being held in protective custody because former correctional officers are always targets in jail. Ex-cops are typically placed on what is called "walk alone" status. Inmates on "walk alone" status rarely get out of their cells from more than two hours a day or less, but that varies from jail to jail. When they do get out of their cells no other inmates are allowed out with them. They are also housed in single cells. It is the worst way for someone to do their time, but it is the only way to keep former law enforcement assets safe in correctional institutions.

Some might wonder why inmates would hate an officer that is in there for doing them favors. The reason is that no amount of favors whether they be in the from of drugs or sex can change the fact that every correctional officer engages in activities that hurt inmates more than helping them. Every correctional officer has used force on an inmate, helped gather information for prosecutors, and played an indispensable role needed by the state to keep people locked up. There is nothing a correctional officer can do for inmates to fully make up for what they do to them.

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