Birmingham Police Officer Gregory Irvin Arrested for Elderly Abuse

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Birmingham Police Officer Gregory Irvin has been jailed on a charge of elder exploitation listed in jail records as "elderly abuse/neglect: financial exploitation greater than $100." He is currently listed as a "pretrial inmate" on the Jefferson County Jail website, but the charge says that he "bonded out" and he has a release date of listed as 12/3 so he obviously is not still in jail ( The jail website and a press release issued by the Birmingham Police Department (BPD) say that he was being held on a $30,000 bond. The press release also said that the amount he is accused of stealing exceeds $2,500 even thought the jail website says the amount was greater than $100. The bulk of the press release reads as follows:

"On October 22, 2020, The Department of Human Resources alerted the Birmingham Police Department of a case filed with their agency on October 16, 2020 involving Gregory Irvin. The Birmingham Police Department took immediate action and relieved Irvin of his duties as a patrol officer pending an internal and criminal investigation. The preliminary investigation suggest Irvin exploited an elderly relative. Detectives with the Birmingham Police Departments Crimes against Property Division presented the case to the Jefferson County District Attorneys Office for review. After an assessment, Detectives obtained warrant for Financial Exploitation of the Elderly First Degree. Gregory Irvin has been taken into custody and will be held in the custody of the Jefferson County Jail with a $30,000 bond. A person commits the crime of financial exploitation of the elderly in the first degree if he/she takes the property of any elderly person in the value of which exceeds $2500."

The release also states that Officer Irvin has been with the BPD since April of 2017 and was assigned to the Patrol Division at the time of his arrest, but concludes with the false statement "The Birmingham Police department will continue to hold officers to a high ethical and moral standard."

The Jefferson County Jail website contains the following information about Officer Irvin:


Subject Number: 997045

Date of Birth: 01/19/1991

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Race: B

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 215.0 lbs

Booking Date: 12/2/2020 4:36 PM

Release Date: 12/3/2020 2:32 AM

Prisoner Type: Pretrial Inmate

Classification: Housing Facility

Total Bond Amount: $0.00

Total Bail Amount: $0.00

Booking Origin: Birmingham PD

Bond Number: 2020-00015521

Bond Type: Good Bond

Bond Amount: $30,000.00


Offense Date: 7/29/2020 12:00 AM

Docket Number: 202000210

Disposition: Bonded Out

Disposition Date: 12/3/2020

Crime Class: Not applicable

Attempt/Commit: Committed

Bond: 2020-00015521

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