Mainstream Media Protects Identity of Seattle Police Officer Arrested

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The Seattle Police Department (SPD) released a statement on August 17, 2020 saying that one of their own had been arrested and booked into the Snohomish County Jail on a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence assault the previous night. The SPD has not released the name of the officer and as far as we can tell, the mainstream media in Seattle are just regurgitating the same name-free story posted by the SPD on their blog (see source link above article). Unfortunately, the officer has only been with the force since January of 2019, so she probably has not made the news regarding an other arrests quoting them by name, so we could not find any exact matches on Google related to news or published legal opinions. We are not aware of any public online police licence lookup service operated in Washington, so we had to resort to other ways to try and identify the suspect, but unfortunately we could not narrow it down to one person.

The Snohomish County Jail has a web page that displays all bookings from the past 72 hours. Since the SPD claims the arrest was made during the evening Sunday night, the name should have been on the list when we checked it earlier tonight (

According to the Snohomish County Jail, the women named below were booked on misdemeanor domestic violence assault charges the night of Sunday, August 16-17, 2020. The list was longer, but we ran the names through a background check service to ruled out anyone that we don't think could be police officers based on their records, but we could not rule out them all or specifically identify one of them as a police officer. Our remaining suspects are:





One name we removed was Valerie Pagel. If we removed her in error please let us know.

If you know which one of these people is a SPD officer or have information that makes it clear any of them are not, please post a comment or contact us at

Notacop Says:

Badge #: 8665

Name: Rosa Ojeda Lopez

Title Description*: Police Officer

Unit Description*: Hr - Department Unavailable Person

Unit*: A810X

Hourly Rate: $45.96

Projected salary (w/o overtime): $91,920.00

*data last updated 11/15/2020

We also tried a government salaries website but the last year they have SPD data for is 2017.

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