Lynwood Gun employees more Inexperienced with firearms than children

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I recently visited Lynwood Gun looking for a pistol. I have been a lifelong gun enthusiast and my experience here should scare you right out of ever entering this establishment. The employee "helping" me after I told him what I was looking for kept making unprofessional political remarks about liberals and how the country is circling the drain because of "all these liberal BLM protesters". I told him I'm not into politics trying to steer the conversation back to me finding a pistol and keeping it business. Finally I see a pistol I was interested in and asked to see it. This genius doesn't check the pistol is clear and safe and muzzles me twice in the process of transferring it from the case to me. I couldn't believe the lack of professionalism and basic gun safety/etiquette. I walked out in disbelief that these people can sell guns. Enter at your own risk, my kids have a better sense of professionalism, firearm safety, and muzzle discipline.

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