Ex-Uvalde Officer Laurence Anthony Martinez Sentenced for Sex Assault

Laurence Anthony Martinez
Laurence Anthony Martinez
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Former Uvalde Police Officer Laurence Anthony Martinez, 25, was sentenced today to 10 years of probation for six counts of sexually assaulting a child. He was allowed to enter a no contest plea, so technically he did not admit to his crimes, but he did knowingly choose not to contest them, which is pretty much the same as pleading guilty (https://mannyhaddadlaw.com/no-contest-plea/). The charges he chose not to contest stemmed from allegations that he sexually assaulted a 15 year old student at Uvalde High School in 2018. The student had been a participant in the police explorer program which allows students interested in law enforcement careers to participate in ride-alongs and other events including sexual trysts with Laurence Martinez.

The conditions of his sentence include sex offender registration, community service, and a fine, but no justice. It is shocking to see sexual predators get treated so lightly while non-violent offenders go to prison for crimes involving drugs, money, or property.

Public records contain the following information about Martinez:



DOB: MAY-1995

AGE: 25

Last Known Address:

215 W CANALES ST, UVALDE, TX 78801-5003

We believe that posting the addresses of sex offenders is a public service. Our intention is to help warn the community about a sex offender in their area. We do not encourage harassment, but we do encourage keeping your kids away from his residence.

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