Feds Out in Force in Downtown Portland Again

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Portland, Oregon 97204

Federal officers with the Department of Homland Security (DHS) and the Federal Protective Service (FPS) have come out in force in downtown Portland, Oregon today despite the false narrative or recent weeks that they had left town. They never left and DHS Secretary Chad Wolf said as much (https://copblaster.com/blast/25894/chad-wolf-tells-senate-that-federal-officers-have-not-left-portland) but because protesters have focused their efforts elsewhere in recent weeks, nobody has noticed the fact that no feds have left Portland. They are still staying at Marriott properties and are ready to go whenever they get the word.

They just forced a group of protesters out of Terry Schrunk Plaza after the FPS was heard declaring an unlawful assembly over a loudspeaker. Right now there is a line of heavily armed DHS officers that have taken up defensive positions around Terry Schrunk Plaza.

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