Congressman Joseph Crowley of New York

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Category: Other - Politicians
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1035 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, District of Columbia 20515
Congressman Joseph Crowley of New York
Joseph Crowley - New York Congressman

I was pleasantly surprised when Congressman Joseph Crowely tweeted one of my websites in 2012 and I was even happier when he went on MSNBC's Martin Bashir Live to announce which website he had just written a letter to the Justice Department about. I even thanked him for the plug (see video below). When I was arrested a month later and subsequently charged federally with making threats online, I couldn't help but suspect a connection. Whether he had anything to do with it or not his attack was unjustified.

Notice the part of the video in which he says "advise of if this violates any federal laws". It is not the job of the government to go after law abiding businesses for "any" violation of the law by the people that run them. It may be fine if they investigate the business and decide not to press charges because the business is not breaking the law. It is another to selectively prosecute a business owner for personal conduct as a means of going after the business. He is the type of person that has no right to hold an elected office because rather than just debating the issues, he goes after his opponents in ways intended to eliminate them from the debate entirely and those methods have nothing to do with the merits of his arguments.

If he had actually taken the time to speak with me or learn about the website he would have learned that it wasn't really an effort to get undocumented immigrants into trouble. It was more of an extension of a business model that permitted complaints about anything and after noticing that there was no site dedicated to undocumented immigrants that functioned the way that it did I created one overnight. I have never been much of a nativist. In fact, the bogus name George O'Brien was inspired by a Seinfeld episode in which George Costanza was wrongfully identified on the news as a white supremacist named O'Brien. I picked it because I knew that even though my motivations were purely commercial and not racially motivated at all that I would be called a racist just for creating it by people that I consider to be racist. Those racists being people that automatically call white people that say anything remotely anti-immigrant racists.

2/7/2017 - Note: Congressman Crowley is getting his wish regarding Illegal Alien Report, but not because of my persecution. I wrote a lengthy post about this decision. To sum it up: after meeting immigrants and learning first hand how horribly they are treated by the justice system I do not feel comfortable letting people publish that kind of info now that Trump is actually enforcing immigration laws. I support speech, but I do not support a system that rewards cops for shooting immigrants by locking them up for years just for crossing the border and deporting them to thwart their ability to sue.

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