Oregon Department of Justice Investigator Geoffrey Darling

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Scott Breitenstein's Impostor STD Registry website is flourishing due to the incompetence of Geoffrey Darling, an investigator with the Oregon Department of Justice's Consumer Protection Division. Darling permitted a deranged stalker to harass me for months under his watch for the purpose of provoking me into doing something illegal in response. She got her wish, but not before endangering the safety of others. This dispute would have ended long before she sent police to my mother's home thinking that I was inside armed, dangerous, and holding hostages. It would have stopped the previous fall when Darling contacted me if he had only been forthcoming about his purposes.

He sent me an email in October of 2011 saying that he was investigating me for unlawful trade practices. I responded with an explanation of why my business was legal and did not hear from him again for several months. When I did it was only then that he told me that he was contacting me on behalf of my stalker. Had he said so before I would have asked him to verify a court document that if authenticated would have given me cause to seriously question the credibility of the author. That would have resulted in the deactivation of the report, but it would not have been enough to result in suspension of the account or the disclosure of account information. That entire hassle, including my prison sentence, would have been avoided had he behaved appropriately like a competent professional.

I would like to update this profile in the future with a picture, but he either does a great job of burying his images on Google or does not have any because he is old. He also is absent from the public record system that I use. Maybe he took notice and realized that he would likely see such info published if I learned what he was doing. For now I don't feel like putting in any more work on him, so, if you have a picture or address for him feel free to post it here.

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