Multnomah County District Attorney Rodney Underhill

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Rod Underhill Conspiring with My Stalker:

I never met or corresponded with Multnomah County District Attorney Rodney Underhill, so I was surprised to see an email from him to my stalker dated the month before my arrest promising her that Kevin Demer was doing all he could to pursue me. True, I did have an old misdemeanor warrant for an unrelated matter, but that does not justify either of them conspiring with my stalker to go after my lawful business. A business that has withstood scrutiny from higher authorities like celebrity lawyers and federal judges. It just goes to show that they were more concerned about making themselves look good than doing their jobs right. It is not his job to target lawful businesses just because they piss off people like Anderson Cooper and Congressman Crowley.

During plea negotiations right before my unrelated misdemeanor trial in which Kevin Demer tried to get me the maximum, Demer let it slip that Underhill wanted me to do at least two years for threatening the crazy lady that had been leaving both of them countless voicemail messages and sending them countless emails for many months.

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