The Tall Tales of U.S. Probation Officer Heather Kufahl

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The tall tales of Heather Kufahl begin with her false statement to police that I took a swing at her with a closed fist. Technically that makes her a criminal, but that did not stop her from being promoted. At the time I met her she was a case manager at the Northwest Regional Re-entry Center and is now a United States Probation Officer. When I first read the police report (uploaded as .pdf) I had to ask myself "I did not take a swing at Heather did I?" because I recall only flexing at her until she got out of my way when she was blocking the doorway. My memory was confirmed by the surveillance tape. On the tape you can see me clinching both fists and slightly moving them in her direction at waist height and by only a couple inches. By no stretch of the imagination does that constitute taking a swing.

It should be noted however that despite being initially charged with attempted misdemeanor assault in state court due to her story, I was not prejudiced by it in the long run because the charge was dropped. I would have still been convicted of assaulting the other staffer whether Heather decided to tell the truth or not. I can't help but think that the U.S. Attorney's Office's decision not to charge me federally must have had something to do with the video tape.

I would have to check the FBI complaint again to make sure, but I believe that she told them the same story.

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