Jennifer Zarnowiec Weisselberg Told on Trump Organization

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Jennifer Zarnowiec Weisselberg has been an outspoken snitch hitting the airways with her story. According to her own mouth she turned over many boxes of documents and met with investigators on many occasions. As a result of that investigation the Trump Organization was charged with several tax crimes. Among the arrested are her former father in law Allen Weisselberg and her ex-husband Barry Weisselberg. You can listen to the snitch in her own words in the video embedded below this article.

Women scorned are often a great source of incriminating information for police. They often see snitching as one of the only things they can do to empower themselves against powerful men. They often hold a deep seeded grudge against their exes and realize that the only thing they are capable of doing to really hurt them is run their mouths. They will often say they are doing it because they are doing the right thing, but their real motives have to do with bitterness over being used in some way. Used for sexual favors while younger and attractive only to be discarded when they age. Realizing they were used like ****** they look for any way to vindicate themselves in the public eye. That is when they decide to tell the government everything they know.

The more we learn about Jennifer Weisselberg the more she fits the profile of a bitter ex snitch. According to media reports (see "more info" link above map) she lost custody of her two children in the divorce. She told NBC News ( that her custody battle played a role in her decision to cooperate with investigators. We are not sure why she lost her custody battle in the first place, but usually mothers lose their custody battles due to being declared unfit in some way. She obviously realized that she would have to fight dirty to turn the tables. Turn the tables by turning her ex-husband into a pre-trial detainee and eventually a convicted felon. That type of move almost always makes an unfit mother appear to be the best option in the eyes of the law. When forced to choose between a wealthy successful man and a failed gold digger judges prefer the wealthy successful man, but when forced to choose between a criminal and a failed gold digger judges prefer the failed gold digger.

On top of the custody battle, she claims her ex-husband abused her during their marriage. During their divorce she accused him of just about every form of abuse a woman can throw at a man without proof including "harassment, assault, sexual abuse, forcible touching, strangulation, identity theft, stalking and grand larceny." (see Earlier this year she posted the following accusation on Facebook:

"It is my RESPONSIBILITY to bring awareness & educate others about Domestic Abuse! I ask for ZERO TOLERANCE. Victims DO NOT LIE- IT IS VERY DANGEROUS & usually life- threatening for a woman or child to report abuse- the punishment is SEVERE & COMES IN MANY COWARDLY FORMS. It is Antiquated to think that only if a BRUISE OR A BREAK IS VISIBLE ON THE OUTSIDE THAT ABUSE IS OCCURRING! The REAL BRUISE & BREAKS ARE INSIDE. Psychological, emotional & INVISIBLE." -

Weisselberg also seems to have it out for Donald Trump. She has accused him of flirting with her in the past and obviously blames him for empowering her ex during their custody battles.

After having difficulty finding public records for anyone named Jennifer Zarnowiec Weisselberg in the state of New York where she lives or the state of Florida where she grew up, we found a record for a 49 year old woman named Jennifer L. Weisselberg that appears to be her. The record we are looking at appears in background check results for Jennifer Weisselberg in the states of Florida and New York. It lists Barry Richard Weisselberg and Allan H. Weisselberg as likely 1st generation relatives. The address mapped above this article also appears in Barry Weisselberg's address history up until 2018 around the time of their divorce. Possible email addresses listed include jzarnowiec[at] and jenweisselberg[at] It is not uncommon for public people like the Weisselberg's to use partial pseudonyms to shield their true identities from the public eye or throw off people researching them. We suspect the name Zarnowiec to be a partial pseudonym used by Jennifer Weisselberg.

NOTE: We are not Trump supporters, so why are we attacking Jennifer Weisselberg? We are attacking her because she appears to be attacking her ex-husband and his associates for the wrong reasons. We don't consider their connections to Trump relevant to our analysis of her actions. We see a bitter ex-wife trying to ruin her ex-husband's life just so she can see her kids more and make a name for herself. We see a gold digger trying to capitalize off her failed marriage to a notable person. We see a mother who claims to be doing this for her kids, but does not care if they grow up with their father in prison. If her kids are decent they will grow up to hate her for putting their father in jail. Good people do not try to force their kids to grow up without a father for their own benefit.

StarShine1 Says:

Why are you condemning this woman for exposing tax cheat donald trump??? He says make america greata again, well how the hell are we going to make bridges, roads, pay for the maintenance of america when people like donald trump don't pay their fair share of taxes like the rest of us??? Jennifer did a good thing to expose trump because a true patriot would pay his fair share of taxes for love of country and upkeep costs. Donald trump just proved he does not give a damn about the united states but rather himself.

UPDATE: According to CNN a book is already available.

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