69 Year Old Retired Cop David Love Arrested for Molesting 13 Year Old

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69 year old retired Radcliff Police Detective David Love was recently booked into the Hardin County Detention Center on just $25,000 after he confessed to molesting a 13 year old. Media reports say he was released after that but what they don't say is that there is a new booking entry for him on the HCDC website dated a couple days after he was supposedly released and he is now listed as a current inmate (http://www.hcdetention.com/hardin_inmatelist.html).

Not much is known about the case beyond the age of the victim, that the abuse began on October 8th of last year, Love admitted to oral sex as well as other sex acts during an interview, and admitted to abusing Facebook to distribute child pornography before deleting the files from his computer. He is currently charged with second degree rape, second degree sodomy, and tampering with evidence.

Love appears to have suffered quite a beating in his mugshot but neither the Kentucky State Police who arrested him nor any other agency have yet to explain why he looks he just got scrapped off the floor in general population. Had he fought arresting officers or resisted arrest his charges would reflect that. The bandage suggests that he had already received medical attention, so unless he was jumped by fellow inmates before getting his mugshot taken this injury is likely unrelated to his charges.

The HCDC website describes Love as follows:

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 222 lbs

Hair Color: BALD

Eye Color: BROWN


Sex: M

According to Antifa on X, Love listed himself on social media as a former Fort Knox Police Officer (https://twitter.com/antifaoperative/status/1746578164774469945). He also claimed to be a member of Patriot Guard Riders Inc., a retired member of the U.S. Army, and an alumni of Park University.

According to public records, David Roy Love is a 69 year old resident of Radcliff, Kentucky. He registered to vote as a Democrat in 2000.

UPDATE: 1/16/2023, the media is reporting that Love died today in a local hospital. The HCDC website now lists today as his release date from his most recent arrest which was three days after his first arrest. Watch the video below to learn more.

This report has been updated with a video about the death of officer Love.

UPDATE: David Roy Love died today according to local news sources. He is said to have died in a hospital but the jail record lists today as his release date which is what happens when inmates die. They're considered released due to death.

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