Working with Remote-Com has Been Positive, But was I Secretly Blocked?

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This article was originally a scathing complaint blasting for blocking my computer from accessing an old website of mine, but that problem seems to have gone away. Funny thing is that both Remote-Com and my probation officer are adamant that Remote-Com was not behind the blocks. Personally I am not so sure that they were not behind the blocks because if they were it would have been legally questionable, so it would make sense for them to deny blocking me from the old website. Whatever the cause was I am finally able to view it in Google Chrome at its normal address, I can connect to my ftp server, and my mail server. I could not do that yesterday and the experience was basically identical to the one I experienced with IPPC when they blocked me from several web pages.

I was understandably quite angry and I wanted to get to the bottom of the problem quickly, so I wrote a scathing complaint about them detailing what I could not do and what I could do. That can be very effective when dealing with companies online because they don't want a bruise on their online reputation. I have learned from experience that companies respond to complaints faster and try to resolve them quicker when a link to an online complaint is sent.

Everything appeared consistent with something blocking a specific domain name. I told them that if the problem were fixed I would not get into ways I could still access the site, but they were consistent with block on connecting to a specific domain. Now that everything works fine I really do not care what the problem was as long as it does not repeat itself.

Overall I have been quite happy with Remote-Com because I have yet to find any evidence proving that any problems I have had was due to them. I do have times where my computer gets slow and I am wondering if it is the monitoring software that is doing it, but I usually see a bunch of Windows processes being blamed, so thanks a lot Microsoft. They are much better than IPPC Technologies.

Finally, I would like to thank them for personally responding to my complaint within 24 hours. That was professional and whether they stopped doing what I suspected them of or not, My computer works now. I just hope that Remote-Com is not going to throw a fit over me criticizing them. I still want to do business with them and I hope that they feel the same.

Even though the issue has been resolved I still feel the need to keep a mention of it live on the web. It could be useful for other RemoteCom clients if they are trying to troubleshoot a problem connecting to a website. They should not rule out the monitoring software just because the company or their PO denies doing it. I am not saying they lied, I have no proof of that, but I am saying that they could read this a determine that my issues was similar to theirs.

It seems that this block does not effect the www version of the site but I can't find anything in the DNS that would explain not serving the non www address. This could be a block by my ISP for the specific address that does not contain www.

If Remote-com is correct then this article does not describe a way to get around their blocking features if they even use them. At the same time my computer monitoring experience was tainted by another company called IPPC. I recall their blocking creating a strikingly similar user experience to this one. In that case I would do a Google search for a specific keyword on their block list and I clicked on a result I would get the same error. Given my experience I can't help but think that this is because of the monitoring until I find another explanation.

Since Remote-Com and probation deny being behind this block the redirect has been removed. I'll try to see if there is some other explanation but so far this is all I can think of unless my ISP has something to do with this.

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