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9/27/2019 - I wonder if she knows this lady
9/6/2019 - Even though the issue has been resolved I still feel the need to keep a mention of it live on the web. It could be useful for other RemoteCom clients if they are trying to troubleshoot a problem connecting to a website. They should not rule out the monitoring software just because the company or their PO denies doing it. I am not saying they lied, I have no proof of that, but I am saying that they could read this a determine that my issues was similar to theirs.
9/5/2019 - If Remote-com is correct then this article does not describe a way to get around their blocking features if they even use them. At the same time my computer monitoring experience was tainted by another company called IPPC. I recall their blocking creating a strikingly similar user experience to this one. In that case I would do a Google search for a specific keyword on their block list and I clicked on a result I would get the same error. Given my experience I can't help but think that this is because of the monitoring until I find another explanation.
9/5/2019 - Since Remote-Com and probation deny being behind this block the redirect has been removed. I'll try to see if there is some other explanation but so far this is all I can think of unless my ISP has something to do with this.

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