Connie Goules Accused Me of Running Website I Don't Run

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Connie Goules of San Diego, California sent a complaint to ODOJ accusing me of running a website that I do not run. The website was which has nothing to do with me. The funny thing about this is that by sending in the complaint she was also sending the person she was complaining about a bunch of personal information about herself. As a result of ODOJ policy I received the full complaint including the information of the person complaining from Alicia Suarez. Click on the link above to learn more.

Received a complaint today from someone claiming to be the subject of this report saying:

"Please remove my name from your website as the information you have posted is not true. The letter that I sent was completely accurate information and Cyrus Was sentenced to prison for what he did. Cyrus posted this information about me as retaliation. This is very unfair to me for doing what was right in the first place. Thank you "

So, this person's response to being called a snitch is to admit sending the letter to ODOJ and say that obviously false information was accurate.

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