ODOJ Policy of Sending Subject of Complaints All Info is an Oxymoron

Oregon DOJ Consumer Protection
Oregon DOJ Consumer Protection
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The Oregon Department of Justice Consumer Protection Section claims to protect consumers and encourages anyone to send a complaint while at the same time giving the person or business they complain about all their contact information. That is an oxymoron because the ODOJ presents people with a form that they claim is there to solicit protection while at the same time operating like an open relay for anyone that they complain to get their information. The ODOJ has no idea who the complaint is about but forwards all the information anyway.

Now this policy may be based on the Constitutional right to confront one's accusers, but at this stage there is no court case in which there is an entitlement to confrontation. Sure, if a complaint resulted in a court case, the subject of the complaint would have a right to know who was pursuing them, but is it appropriate to give out this information at such an early stage?

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