Alicia Garza Suarez Would Not Help Confirm Age of Alleged Minor

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In 2012 ODOJ Enforcement Officer Alicia Garza Suarez would not help me confirm the age of an alleged minor that someone posted on my website and I still have no clue if that person was under 18 at the time. Instead Suarez seemed to be working with Geoff Darling to hang me up on anything he could come up with. When I was arrested on an unrelated matter the complaint Suarez used against me was among the discovery but was not the basis for any conviction. The funny thing is that I suggested to the alleged parents of the person on the site that they involve law enforcement. If I recall correctly I suggested that they have their daughter go the local police station with her ID and ask an officer to email me saying how old she was. It seemed like an easy way to confirm her age and if she wanted to pursue legal remedies against the person responsible for the posting she would probably need to go there anyway. At the time all the parents offered was a Facebook link to a profile that said she was under 18. Anyone that has seen Catfish the TV Show knows that you can't rely on Facebook for accurate information.

When Suarez contacted me I asked her to confirm the age of the person and she never contacted me back. Now to her credit I was arrested two weeks later for an unrelated threatening email, but she had no way of knowing that would happen because the email was not sent until a couple weeks later, so if she intended to get back to me with that confirmation at all, she was fine with letting the person wait.

My email correspondence with Suarez was as follows:

I would like your help with this one and I'm glad you contacted me about it. I went to the post office a couple days ago and I was thinking of calling Geoff Darling to see if he could help me interperate the form correctly. The form has "victim has documentation" marked as true. Does that mean that the age of the alleged victim has been verified? It the subject is under 18 then the report is in violation of the Terms of Use (TOU).

There are no active reports for anyone named ******, but if memory serves me there was one case in Edmonton in which similar accusations were made at *****and I posted a comment almost a month ago recommending that if the subject is in fact 16 that she go down to the local police station and ask an officer to send me an email. If these cases are the same then I don't know why they didn't just ask a cop to email me because surely that would have been much faster.


From: Suarez Alicia []

Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2012 2:31 PM

To: 'webmaster***********com'

Subject: Legal Department - FF4115-12

Importance: High

We recently wrote you concerning a consumer complaint we had received about your business. We have not yet received your reply.

In the event that our letter has been misplaced, we attached another copy of the complaint. We review all complaints to determine if there has been a violation of Oregon law. If you wish for us to consider your position or to attempt to settle this matter informally, we need a written response to the complaint within (15) days of receipt of this email, along with any documents which help explain or support your position. If you do not respond, we can only assume that the complaint is valid as submitted.

Your response is essential to a fair evaluation of the complaint. Without it, we have only heard one side. If you are not able to respond, please contact our office to inform us of the delay.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Alicia Suarez / Enforcement Officer

Oregon Department of Justice / Civil Enforcement Division

1162 Court Street NE, Salem, OR 97301

Phone: 503.934.4400 / Fax: 503.378.8910

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