Portland Protester Sets Himself on Fire with a Molotov Cocktail

Man on Fire: Molotov Cocktail PDX
Man on Fire: Molotov Cocktail PDX
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Portland Police failed to intervene and watched a protester burn after setting himself on fire with a Molotov cocktail. Watch the video below for one of the funniest moments from this summer's mostly peaceful protests in Portland, Oregon. The protester appears to throw a Molotov cocktail at the ground right in front of him or maybe he dropped it on his foot. The goose step leaves us thinking that he might be a fascist agitator or an undercover cop that infiltrated the protest.

Nobody knows why he did it or who he is, but fortunately for him the Portland Police seem intent on letting that burn be punishment enough. They never did anything to put out the fire besides trying to separate the burn victim from other protesters that were trying to help.

Why are we complaining about the cops not helping when we want them to be defunded? Because a defunded police force is intended to leave them with just what they need to do stuff that really needs to be done, like putting out fires on people. The police always seem quick to put out fires at government building, but hesitate to put out fires on people.

Why didn't the police arrest someone that just used a molotov cocktail on himself that he probably intended to throw at the police? We suspect that he might be an undercover cop that was sent to infiltrate the protesters for the purpose of making them look bad. Obviously the police let him go really easily for someone that just used a Molotov. The cops are not going to arrest one of their own or take him to the hospital if doing so would expose what they were doing.

We also think he may have been a fascist agitator working with the police to infiltrate the protesters like Garrick Fernbaugh has done at times this summer. The goose step gives him a way because only fascists march like that.

Looks like the protesters are aiming better. Tonight they not only didn't set themselves on fire, they almost hit a cop https://copblaster.com/blast/25977/molotov-cocktail-proves-portland-protesters-are-aiming-better

After someone pointed out the goose step, we are thinking he might be a fascist agitator that infiltrated the protesters.

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