Upland Police Officer Justin Hazelton Arrested for Sexting a Minor

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Upland Police Officer Justin Hazelton was arrested on August 13, 2020 after the Department of Children and Youth Services contacted the Delaware County District Attorney's Office with sexually explicit text messages he had sent to an underage girl. He was charged with one misdemeanor count of corrupting a minor and bail was set at $50,000.

The Department of Children and Youth Services found out about the messages after an attorney found cause to examine the girl's phone while working on an unrelated case. She told him that the messages were sent by Hazelton through Snapchat. Hazelton later confessed to police.

Public records about Hazelton contain the following:





AGE: 21


HAVERTOWN, PA 19083-3437

We are listing his address because he is now officially an admitted sex offender that preys on underage girls. We recommend that people living in the area lock up their daughters until he is locked up.

We were contacted today by someone claiming to be a friend of someone else also named Justin Hazelton. He says that person is having difficulty finding work because of this article. If you landed on this page screening job applicants then make sure that the Justin Hazelton you are screening does not have a middle initial of "W" and if he does do more to verify the identity of your applicant than just doing a Google search for his first and last name.

Jarred Says:

Hell never be locked up or have to register as a sex offender because he didnt commit the heinous crimes you like to pretend he did . You have absolutely zero evidence. Absolutely ZERO evidence to support the horrible things youve said and done to this young man. Went out of your way to post an innocent mans address? Youre one sick and twisted individual. What went wrong during your nature vs nurture upbringing that could have created such a hateful and violence seeking psychopath?

Jarred Says:

This is just a kid youre bullying and spreading lies about. They Mutually talked and never met each other. Theyre only 2 1/2 years apart. Hes only accused of 1 misdemeanor. Never once been accused of anything like this or any crime for That matter in his life. Very generous and respectful young man. Its a mistake made by a man who doesnt make many. There is 100% chance the piece of trash, gutless scumbag who runs this site and his mouth accusing innocent people of being pedophiles, has done far, far worse in their life. Expect a lawsuit. You will not be getting away with spreading fake news. Good luck! See you soon

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