Former Boston Police Officer Pat Rose Arrested for Child Rape

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Former Boston Police Officer Pat Rose was arrested for aggravated rape of a child under the age of 14 as well as assault and battery on a child. According to prosecutors the abuse began when the child was just 7 years old and continued until she was 12. To make matters worse Rose and the victim are related, which might explain why he was able to abuse her for years until she finally told another relative about it. She is 14 now, so she probably spent years thinking it was wrong, learning that her feeling were right, and then deciding whether or not to keep letting him get away with it.

Pat Rose is the former president of the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association. As part of that job he was a familiar face to the press and city leaders. District Attorney Rachael Rollins said "While this man was molesting and harming an innocent child, he was standing in judgment of others as a sworn member of law enforcement. He has dishonored the badge of the Boston Police Department and I intend to hold him accountable."

Rollins requested a $250,000 bail and Judge Kathleen Coffey ordered that he surrender his passport and wear GPS monitor.

Public records contain the following information about Rose:



DOB: JUL-1954

AGE: 66


WEST ROXBURY, MA 02132-2813

Possible email: patrickrose[at]

We are of course listing his address because he has been indicted on child rape charges. We hope that this helps people make sure that kids avoid his house.

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