Indianapolis Police Officers Jonathan Horlock & Nathaniel Schauwecker

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Indianapolis Police Officers Jonathan Horlock and Nathaniel Schauwecker have been indicted for brutally attacking an unarmed black women with a baton and violently shoving an unarmed white woman to the ground back in on May 31, 2020. In the video below you can see the two women, who were accused of breaking an unconstitutional curfew, were not carrying weapons and did nothing unlawful until after police began to kidnap them. Like any citizen wrongfully arrested for violating a curfew that the city has no right to impose, the black woman fought back and attempted to use the minimal amount of force necessary to secure her rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Officers Horlock and Schauwecker responded by brutalizing the black woman with a baton while another shoot her with pepper balls. While the black woman was being violated, the white woman asked "why her" and started filming before she was violently shoved to the pavement.

The victims have been identified as Ivore Westfield and Rachel Harding. Westfield was the black woman that was violated with the baton. Harding was the white woman violently shoved to the ground. They have since filed a lawsuit against the city for violating their Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights to be free from unreasonable search, seizure, and denial of rights without due process. The amount of force used was in far excess of any threat they could have possibly posed. Officers are never justified using weapons on unarmed people, but unfortunately the laws on the books do not reflect that fact.

The underlying basis for their arrest had no basis in the Constitution of United States ( If you read the Constitution you will not be able to find the word "curfew" in it anywhere because had the founding fathers intended for the government to have the authority to order curfews they would have said so. We would recommend carrying a pocket Constitution so that you can take it out whenever you encounter police and ask them to find which part gives them the right to take you to jail for whatever they want to arrest you for, but odds are they will just take out their book of statutes and cite something in their book that can't be found in the Constitution. Once they realize that you know your rights and are willing to speak up about them, they will use that to justify a higher bail.

Whenever a citizen knows that their Constitutional rights are being violated they are morally justified using whatever force they deem necessary to secure those rights. Unfortunately, since our government stopped honoring the Constitution years ago such resistance can rarely be used without violating their laws. This exposes their lack of legitimacy. When someone swears an oath to defend the Constitution and then willfully fails to honor that oath, they waive any legitimate claim to govern. That is why the United States lacks a legitimate government. When a government is not legitimate than no officer of that government has the right to give orders of any kind and every person under their yoke is always justified resisting them by any means necessary, but despite the fact that "any means necessary" means "any means necessary" in our opinion, we are only encouraging non-violent means at this time.

Officer Horlock is charged with battery, battery resulting in moderate injury, battery resulting in bodily injury, perjury, obstruction of justice and official misconduct. Officer Schauwecker is charged with battery, battery resulting in moderate injury, two counts of battery resulting in bodily injury and two counts of official misconduct. Other officers involved include Sgt. David Kinsey and Officer Conrad Simpson.

Public records contain the following information about Officers Horlock and Schauwecker:




Possible Email Addresses:




Voter Registration: Republican

3746 W COUNTY ROAD 600 S

CLAYTON, IN 46118-5502

Concealed Weapon Permit

Permit Number: 1799443

Issue Date: 03/23/2009


Possible Email Addresses:



We are displaying their addresses publicly at this time for two reasons. First, they are violent offenders caught on camera committing violent crimes and we feel the need to warn the community to be careful around those areas. Due to the high profile nature of this case we believe that they are probably jump and itching those trigger fingers. The are most certainly armed and extremely dangerous. The second reason is because residences have become increasingly popular places to picket in recent weeks and we want to encourage that activity.

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