Who Are the Capitol Hill Snitches?

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Snitches are singing, people are getting rounded up, and patriots are learning the true meaning of treachery as their families and friends rat them out for protesting at the Capitol Building on January 6th. Today we are focusing on two examples, but there are many more. Chad Barrett Jones and Robert L. Bauer are just two of many who would be free had it not been for the mouths of those they trusted.

According to FBI Special Agent Javier A. Gonzalez, a male relative contacted the FBI to report that he recognized his brother on TV inside the Capitol Building. He also told them that he had discussed the footage with his brother's close friend. When the FBI contacted that close friend he told them everything. Now Chad Jones is in jail because he was betrayed by a close friend and his own brother. We know these people only as they are referred to in the paperwork that we are uploading with this article as a PDF. They are referred to as W-1 and W-2. If you know their real names please post them.

According to the mainstream news broadcast embedded below, Robert L. Bauer was arrested after a tipster contacted the FBI to report that Bauer had posted selfies from inside the Capitol Building. The FBI found footage of another man during their investigation and he has been arrested as well. Both of these men would be just fine if those around them had just kept their mouths shut. If you know who they are please post their names.

It is not hard to find many other stories like these online. Stories of people stabbed in the back by those they loved. Stabbed in the back for no good reason. What does anyone have to gain by reporting their friend or family member to the FBI? The answer is of course nothing unless getting them arrested serves some other purpose. Anyone whose love or friendship is worth anything does not rat their own people out to the feds. We want to know who these people are. If you know the identities of anyone that has given incriminating information about anyone to any government agency please tell us who they are. They deserve to be subjected to the same amount of public scrutiny as those they told on.

There is a whole sub on Reddit full of snitches dedicated to snitching on people that were at the Capitol it's got like 80,000 members so far it's called capitol consequences.

This one is confirmed bragging about it https://copblaster.com/blast/34397/photographer-allan-mestel-snitched-on-podium-guy-adam-johnson

RatHill Says:

Matt Struck - gave fbi interview, cooperated, told them he saw people doing illegal stuff, and said that him and his partner were trespassing


Public records about Jones produced a very small list of suspects. It looks like his address history matched one male 1st generation relative pretty closely and our background check service did not produce any more first generation relatives. However, he has a lot of second degree relatives. We don't want to name the relative unless we are sure.

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