The New Yorker Released Video from Capitol Building Takeover

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The New Yorker has released this video shot by a reporter Luke Mogelson while he was embedded with protesters as them took over the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. We recommend watching all 12 minutes of it and have embedded it below. The video starts with protesters entering the building and the police retreating once they realize that they don't have the manpower necessary to treat the crowd like a Black Lives Matter protest. Then they walked through various hallways full of offices and made their way to the House Chamber. When they entered the Chamber they started asking themselves "where are they?" saying "lets vote on some sh*t" and took pictures of documents hoping to find dirt on the election.

A few interesting takeaways from this video include the protesters policing themselves, the Q Shaman's behavior, and the lone cop on the scene. When one of the protesters sat in the chair belonging to Vice President Mike Pence, another protester told him to stop. He told him that the chair belongs to the Vice President and that he should not be disrespectful by sitting in it. Before getting up from the chair the guy said that it was his chair because it is the people's chair. The discussion then changed to information operations and why they needed to do all they could to prepare for the public relations war that would follow. The man known as Q Shaman made an appearance yelling incoherently like some sort of drunk Viking from top level. He then seemed to sober up slightly before making an appearance on the main floor followed shortly by a lone cop. The cop walked around, asked if a man needed medical attention, and asked the Q Shaman to get out of the chair, but the Q Shaman insisted on being photographed sitting there anyway. Then the cop asked them to leave again, but they decided to pray and then they left.

After that peaceful scene, the reporter went to another entrance where things were a little less peaceful, but mostly peaceful none the less. The difference seemed to be that the police at that entrance fought back with tear gas. Often that violence is indiscriminate and hurts everyone there. That was the case in countless cities all over the country after the murder of George Floyd and it was the case at that one entrance on January 6th when many innocent people were tear gassed while standing outside the Capitol Building. This video shows that the cops will tear gas anyone even their own supporters.

The video finally concluded with the burning of camera equipment belonging to CNN. CNN had long since fled the scene because like most journalists they are a bunch of pansies. Pansies that run the second they feel threatened. That is why their colleagues were so bad at filming protests all summer and live streamers became popular because the live streamers had the balls to stay on the scene and film what was happening. Fortunately, New Yorker reporter Luke Mogelson is not a pansy and thanks to him you can enjoy this video.

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