Convicted Sex Offender Gerald Ryan Davis is a Jailhouse Snitch

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Gerald Ryan Davis is a repeat sex offender against minors who has been a regular at the Columbia County Jail in St. Helens, Oregon since at least 2013. He is also a jailhouse snitch that told on another inmate for purchasing commissary items for me while I was on lockdown in 2018. At the time Gerald, also known as Jerry Davis or Gerry Davis, was in the hole for his own safety and because his former cellmate accused him of raping him in the protective custody unit the previous fall. Jerry got nothing out of snitching except revenge against people that gave him a hard time for his history of sex crimes against young males and getting his *** kicked in jail.

The last straw for Jerry was my telling of a true story in which he was beaten up for throwing a book at another inmate in 2013. It was the funniest *** whipping that I saw the entire time I was locked up. Rather than handle his business like a man, Jerry threw a book, ran over to the unit door hoping the deputies would save him from reprisal, and got dropped by a couple punches that left the floor bloody and his eye black. I watched the whole thing from behind the medical quarantine bubble.

Jerry is now in federal custody on charges of producing child pornography. He said that his old case involved consensual sex with a then 17 year old boy that is still his boyfriend. Gerald Ryan Davis was born on August 1, 1983, weighs about 240 pounds, stands about 5'8" to 5'10" tall, and is missing one of his two front teeth.

As a repeat sex offender, Jerry Davis faces at least 15 years in prison for his latest charge. For more information you can Google him or look him up on the Oregon Sex Offender Registry where he is featured as a registered sex offender.

UPDATE: In August of 2020 Davis was sentenced to 13 years in federal prison plus lifetime supervision for traveling across state lines and sexually assaulting a 14 year old boy. He had previously been sentenced to probation in 2011 for sexually assaulting a 17 year old boy, but violated his probation by repeatedly contacting minor victims. He was in custody pursuant to that probation violation in 2013 when I met him. That was when he threw the book at someone and got beat up. Now the book has been thrown at him.

This story has been updated now that he has been convicted and sentenced.

I would also like to add that Davis always described these assaults as consensual relationships. He would basically meet teens online, groom them, give them alcohol, and convince them to have sex with him. He did the same thing in jail with a skinny 18 year old that looked younger. He is a total predator that needs to be castrated.

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