Witness: He Only Threatened to Put Erika Barker CMA on This Website

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Yet another witness has come forward to say that Cyrus Sullivan only threatened to put Multnomah County Health Department CMA Erika Barker on this website. A defense investigator reported the following:

Cyrus ran up the stairs to his cell. He did not yell any threats except to say, You want me to put your name on my website?!! He said this to the medical technician.

That falls far short of Erika Barker's claim that Sullivan had threatened to put out a "hit" on her. Shortly after that her husband, Deputy Timothy Barker of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Corrections Division, intentionally broke Sullivan's arm after taking him to disciplinary segregation. Sullivan has always thought that them being married and that false accusation might have had something to do with his arm being broken.

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