Witness: Cyrus Sullivan Was Not Fighting Deputies During Escort

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According to a witness interviewed in 2017, Cop Blaster Founder Cyrus Sullivan was not "fighting ferociously" as deputies at the Multnomah County Detention Center would have you believe. According to a summary of a statement made during that interview, that can be read by clicking on the pdf icon above, the witness "could see Cyrus moving his arms and body around. It looked as though he was trying to make himself more comfortable. His arms were cuffed and he had several deputies grabbing him by the arms and pulling him along in an awkward position" after " that all the inmates were locked in their cells for a while. He could hear on one deputy’s radio the news that Cyrus’s arm had been broken and that the deputies were planning on transporting him to the hospital."

This summary is consistent with statements made by Cyrus Sullivan since the incident. His statements have not changed and led to this lawsuit:


Sullivan entered a guilty plea to one count of assaulting a federal officer in 2018 for this incident. In that plea he admitted to throwing chips at the deputies entering the cell, but always insisted that was it. According to Sullivan his arm was broken by Timothy Barker on purpose after a team of deputies led by Sgt. Matthew Ingram conducted an unnecessary forced strip search. The deputies claim they were justified using force to conduct the strip search on the grounds that Sullivan had been resisting and "fighting ferociously" the entire time he was being escorted from the fifth floor to the fourth floor.

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