Hunter Biden Trial: Why Joe Biden Shouldn't Get a Father's Day Gift

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What kind of father allows his own son to be prosecuted while capable of making his problems go away with the stroke of a pen? A disloyal father with messed up priorities. How can we trust a disloyal father to be a loyal public servant? We can't because if his own family can't trust him then nobody can. A good father would pardon his son instead of distancing himself and allowing his own kin to be persecuted under unconstitutional laws he continues to support.


When the Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment they did not include an exception to the right to bear arms for drug addicts. In fact, the phrase "well regulated militia" should be construed to support drug use by gun owners. History is full of great examples of armies using hardcore drugs on a large scale and fighting just fine or better as a result.

Hunter Biden was on crack when purchasing a gun which is similar to being on methamphetamine. World War II saw the massive distribution of meth to German troops at the beginning of the war which made the Blitzkrieg more effective because it allowed them to keep on fighting for days with no sleep (

The Vietnam War saw widespread use of Heroin and Marijuana by U.S. forces. Anyone whose seen The Deer Hunter or Platoon knows that. Both substances reduce pain and lower inhibitions which makes it easier to fight. Despite this the government made it illegal for Americans to possess guns while using drugs in 1968. Technically, many of America's Vietnam era veterans committed felony firearms offenses while serving simply by using drugs before possessing firearms on military property at home and abroad. According to the Department of Defense, 42% of U.S. troops in Vietnam tried opiates at least once (

Some may point out that German lost WWII and America lost the Vietnam War before implying that drugs may have had something to do with it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Germany lost WWII because Hitler started a war on two fronts he couldn't possibly sustain. America lost Vietnam because the government was not willing to do all that was necessary to win. American troops fought well in Vietnam but were not allowed to pursue the enemy into their strongholds which resulted in the war being lost.


A good loyal father would have allowed the indictment of his son to serve as a wake up call. A good loyal father would view prior support of gun laws as a mistake now that his own son is being persecuted. Joe Biden authored the 1994 Crime Bill which violated everyone's Second Amendment Right by banning assault weapons. It also increased sentences dramatically which led to a doubling of the federal inmate population. A lot of people are in federal prison because of Joe Biden.

A loyal father would have denounced his prior support of gun restrictions citing his personal experience with them being used to persecute his own family. Instead he threw his own kin under the bus in favor of his own horrible policies. If Donald Trump's sons were arrested by federal agents while Trump was president do you think they would have been put on trial? If you were on trial because your dad didn't pardon you would you still get him a Father's Day gift?


Joe Biden needs to show America what a good father looks like by pardoning his son. Then he needs to apologize to the country, denounce gun laws, and pledge to decriminalize drugs.

Hunter Biden was convicted today. Ironically, Joe Biden is scheduled to speak in favor of gun control tomorrow. Only a treacherous MF would vote in favor of the same gun laws being used to persecute his son, refuse to pardon his son, and speak in favor of more gun laws that would likely expose his son to longer prison terms in the future.

What a difference 4 years make. It seems Biden was attacking the system 4 years ago but is supporting it today while Trump is pointing out the obvious that the system is "totally rigged"

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