Meet Lara Merchan: Prosecutor and Wife of Judge Juan Merchan

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Lara Beth Merchan has managed to stay out of the public eye lately despite her husband Judge Juan Merchan overseeing the "hush money" trial of former President Donald Trump. You won't find any mention of Judge Merchan being married on his Wikipedia page and Bing's CoPilot a.k.a. ChatGPT claims his "marital status, is not publicly available" before falsely claiming "details about his personal relationships remain confidential." Fortunately, we know better than to trust censorship infested companies like Microsoft and did some of our own research.

In our last post, we discussed her husband's unconstitutional attempt to gag members of the media from reporting some of what they observe in the courtroom ( Today we are here to expand the scope of our research into Judge Merchan in response to his repeated violations of Donald Trump's First Amendment right to criticize the government. That includes the right to criticize private citizens for how the choose to aid or otherwise interact with the government because when someone aids the government they voluntarily become a government asset.

We know first hand how important it is for defendants in criminal cases to be heard and how prolific courts have become at abusing their authority to censor defendants. The founder of this website was himself subject to an unconstitutional order by a federal judge which would have stopped him from having content posted on this website from a federal detention center had he legitimized the "order" with his compliance. Had he not been denied pretrial release he would have surely been jailed for repeatedly posting the truth about his nemeses. That is why we are coming to Trump's defense in this matter. We realize that if the constitutionality of Trump's gag order were to be reviewed by the Supreme Court that his rights would be upheld or the court would prove itself illegitimate for failing to realize that the Founding Fathers never included an exception to the First Amendment for those charged with crimes.

Normally, when we have a problem with someone we say that just being related to that person should be punishment enough. However, we take a different position at times when that relative appears to be involved with conduct similar to that of the person we are criticizing. In this case we started looking into Judge Merchan's marital status for the purpose of locating properties linked to him. It is quite common for government officials like judges to bury personal information about themselves while at the same time overlooking public records pertaining to those they've lived with containing the same information. It was during this research that we learned Mrs. Merchan to be an employee of the Nassau County District Attorney's Office and former employee of New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Mrs. Merchan's work history is prominently displayed on her LinkedIn profile ( It includes the following:

Assistant District Attorney, Director of Training and Recruitment

Nassau County District Attorneys Office Full-time

Mar 2022 - Present 2 yrs 2 mos

Adjunct Instructor - Trial Techniques

Hofstra University School of Law

Aug 2000 - Present 23 yrs 9 mos

Special Assistant Attorney General

NYS Office of the Attorney General

Nov 2000 - Mar 2022 21 yrs 5 mos

Assistant District Attorney

Queens County District Attorney

Aug 1993 - Jun 1998 4 yrs 11 mos

Kew Gardens, NY

In addition, public records describe Lara Beth Merchan as a 55 year old resident of Oceanside, New York. She appears to have second LinkedIn account that she registered using the email address larabeth68[at] back when she worked for Letitia James but that account has hardly been used. She is a registered Democrat with no criminal record.

You can learn more about what is going on in the video below. Mrs. Merchan's husband fined Donald Trump $9,000 for 9 TruthSocial posts. None of the posts violated any laws but Judge Merchan seems to think keeping order in his court is more important than upholding the First Amendment. Despite the Constitution prohibiting punishment without due process the courts seem to think that it is ok to deprive the accused of their rights without a conviction. None of Trump's posts constitute criminal offenses yet he faces fines and jail time just because he happens to be a defendant. He need not be found guilty by a jury of his peers to be deprived of property or liberty. He simply needs to be accused of a crime and piss off a jurist before the case is resolved.


We feel our interests align with those of Donald Trump at this time for obvious reasons. We are in solidarity with him and every defendant whose right to speak out publicly against his accusers has been trampled on. While we are not disclosing their addresses at this time we reserve the right to reconsider should Trump be jailed for free speech.

Taxslave1 Says:

Juan Merchan admits to tax fraud in his short bio,

saying he worked for cash tips delivering food..or did he file taxes on those tips like restaurant workers must?

Taxslave1 Says:

Apparently Juan Merchan met the then Lara Bernstein at Hofstra Law School while he was married to Loren Merchan mother Maria Merchan.

Apparently Lara went on to marry ny cop Douglas Goroway,

At some point both Juan and Lara got divorced from their first spouses, and are now married

Mr. Merchan has scheduled another gag order hearing. He doesn't seem to get the message.

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