Cyrus Sullivan

Cyrus Sullivan
Cyrus Sullivan's 2015 ID - USP Victorville

Cyrus Andrew Sullivan of Portland, Oregon an attorney at hobby, web developer, internet entrepreneur, and former political prisoner turned anti-government misconduct activist. He began his web development career shortly after graduating from the University of Oregon in 2008. He built several well-known websites that were featured on national television more than once.

His old fleet of websites was really gaining steam in 2012 when he was targeted by a deranged stalker. He then threatened the stalker and was sent to federal prison. It was a selective prosecution for the purpose of shutting him down. It worked because the Government has no problem working with provocateurs as long as their basic ideologies align, so if you are on their side you can do whatever you want and if the person you target fights back then that person will be prosecuted for fighting back. Then a judge of similar ideology will use the provocation as a justification to prohibit the person from doing anything related to the conflict while on supervision. As a result, Sullivan became a second-class citizen that no longer enjoyed the protection of the Constitution because ever since it was signed, judges have been working hard to find reasons not to apply it equally to everyone. Whether the founding fathers would have wanted it that way is irrelevant to those that see the Constitution as a barrier to getting what they want.

Once out of prison, the Government abused Sullivan’s release conditions to the point that he was not even able to use a computer in a productive way until he had less than three months left on supervision. This website was built at a time when the software he was forced to install on his computer for monitoring reasons broke the machine. He was in a position where he could not legally use any of his skills to look for other work and he was not going to take it anymore. He built this website, posted home addresses of many people responsible for persecuting him in the process, and went back to jail on a violation. He expected that he would be arrested, so he made sure that this site would stay active no matter what happened in court.

While in jail, Sullivan was frequently used his willingness to dox law enforcement personnel as a means of persuading jail staff to do what he wanted. Eventually they had enough, they assaulted him, and broke his arm. Then they tried to put him away for a long time by accusing him of assaulting the people that broke his arm. After failing to prove that they were injured, Sullivan was released in late 2018. In June of 2019 he was finally able to get online again. This time the new monitoring software caused no problems at all and he was able to start speaking out against those that abused him and those in similar positions that abuse others similarly situated to how Sullivan used to be situated.

Attorney at Hobby

In 2021 the federal government agreed to pay Sullivan monetary compensation to settle a lawsuit he filed against the United States under the Federal Tort Claims Act for assault and battery by federal officers at the United States Penitentiary in Victorville, California. Sullivan acted as his own attorney and has earned praise from the legal community for the quality of his representation.

"I'm going to refer callers with potential civil suits against the BOP to you."

Matthew McHenry Attorney at Law

"I agree with Matt and will also be sending you all of my clients with prison related claims against the government."

Tiffany Harris Attorney at Law

Sullivan now provides those with potential excessive force claims against the government with pro-bono legal advice. He is also available on retainer provided the client agree not to disclose his involvement with the court, maintain pro-se status with the court, and sign their own names to any filings he prepares.

To learn more about Sullivan's legal services see his advertisement: Federal Prison/Police Brutality Law - Experienced Jailhouse Lawyer.

United States of America v. Cyrus Sullivan

Watch Sullivan's lawyers argue for his rights before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Their efforts failed, but they did accomplish something. They exposed the truth about his case and now everyone that watches this video will see that he was the real victim.

Making a Comeback

Cyrus Sullivan NYT
Cyrus Sullivan in the New York Times

In 2020-21 his work was featured in the New York Times twice. First for how he helps others fight the system and then for his perseverance. In April of 2021 he was photographed outside the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse wearing a shirt that said, “The Founding Fathers Would Be Shooting By Now.” He chose to wear that shirt at that location as a show of defiance against the United States government for their tyranny and willful failure to honor their oaths to uphold the Constitution.