MCDC - 6th Amendment violation

Blast Zone No. 114
Set Up On:
Current Jail Location:
Portland, Oregon
MCDC - 6th Amendment violation

Opinion and thoughts of C.A.S. regarding Multnomah County Sheriff's Office as routinely violating 6th Amendment Rights denying inmates access to the law library if housed in disciplinary segregation in the jail. This seems to be a matter of policy versus rights. Inmates can be deprived of opportunity to effectively research and, therefore, aide and assist in their own defense by being denied use of the law library. Often, overworked public defenders can benefit greatly from an accused that knows his way around the law library. Self-represented defendants who are denied access to the library find their ability to launch an adversarial defense reduced that they may be compelled to plea because they could not construct their legal argument. This appears to be an unconstitutional practice and a need to review this issue. In addition, it also helps the necessity to keep lawyers honest by vetting their work. Such diligence is needed to prevent courts from being bombarded with ineffective legal counsel claims and prisons from being filled with people that would not be there had they had competent counsel or the ability to assist in their case and defense.

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