Antonio R. "Tony" Valenzuela Killed by Las Cruces Police Department

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240 3 Crosses Ave
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An Las Cruces officer conducted a traffic stop on a blue GMC pickup for expired insurance. During the traffic stop, the LCPD officer observed two females inside the vehicle and a man sitting in the back seat not wearing a seatbelt. The officer learned Antonio Valenzuela had a bench warrant for his arrest. The officer told Valenzuela to get out of the vehicle, at which time he fled on foot. During the foot pursuit, Officer Christopher Smelser allegedly shocked Valenzuela with a Taser, and then placed him in a chokehold killing him. Smelser was charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Victim's Name: Antonio R. "Tony" Valenzuela

Agency Responsible: Las Cruces Police Department

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Race: Hispanic

Date of Death: February 29, 2020

County: Dona Ana

Cause of Death: Physical Restraint

Official Disposition: Charged with involuntary manslaughter

Criminal Charges: Charged with a crime

Mental Illness: No

Armed: Unarmed/Did Not Have an Actual Weapon

Weapon: unarmed

Threat Level: other

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