Rodrigo Ivan Aguirre Killed by New Mexico State Police

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San Acacia Rd SW & San Joaquin Rd SW
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A man who had allegedly broken a temporary protection order was chased by multiple agencies at high speeds before getting his car struck. He reportedly fired at officers before he was shot and killed by NMSP Officer Daniel Soliz.

Victim's Name: Rodrigo Ivan Aguirre

Agency Responsible: New Mexico State Police

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Race: Hispanic

Date of Death: February 22, 2020

County: Luna

Cause of Death: Gunshot

Official Disposition: Pending investigation/No Known Charges

Criminal Charges: No known charges

Mental Illness: No

Armed: Allegedly Armed

Weapon: gun

Threat Level: attack

Fleeing: Other

Body Camera: No

Washington Post Database ID: 5553

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