Gordon E. Samel Killed by Alaska State Troopers

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Seward Meridian Rd & E Whispering Woods Dr
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A drunk driver was reported in Wasilla, Ak, leading troopers to pursue the driver and eventually corner him in an intersection. Cornered, the Samel's truck quickly reversed towards the officers, prompting them to fire into the cab of the truck, killing Samel and wounding a passenger. Samel suffered from bipolar disorder and was one of the hunters who discovered the body of Chris McCandless, whose death was captured in the book and movie "Into The Wild."

Victim's Name: Gordon E. Samel

Agency Responsible: Alaska State Troopers

Gender: Male

Age: 52

Race: White

Date of Death: March 9, 2014

County: Matanuska-Susitna

Cause of Death: Gunshot

Official Disposition: Justified

Criminal Charges: No known charges

Mental Illness: Yes

Armed: Vehicle

Weapon: vehicle

Geography: Rural

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