Kwesi Ashun Killed by New York Police Department

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447 Mother Gaston Blvd
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Two officers were called to a nail salon after Dewayne Hawkes, 26, who came in to use a restroom, started urinating in the middle of the store. During the arrest attempt, according to police, Kwesi Ashun entered the salon and fought with police and struck an officer in the head with a chair. Police said one officer used his Taser on the man, but it did not incapacitate him. An officer shot Ashun six times, killing him.

Victim's Name: Kwesi Ashun

Agency Responsible: New York Police Department

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Race: Black

Date of Death: October 25, 2019

County: Brooklyn

Cause of Death: Gunshot

Official Disposition: Pending investigation/No Known Charges

Criminal Charges: No known charges

Mental Illness: No

Armed: Unclear

Weapon: chair

Threat Level: attack

Fleeing: Not fleeing

Body Camera: No

Washington Post Database ID: 5132

Geography: Urban

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