Brittany S. Teichroeb Killed by Texas Department of Public Safety, U.S. Marshals Service

Brittany S. Teichroeb was Killed
Brittany S. Teichroeb was Killed
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Set Up On:
Category: Police - Federal
Old Crime Scene Address:
TX-191 and TX-250 Loop
Mapping Police Violence:

Troopers were assisting U.S. deputy marshals in a search for two wanted fugitives. A trooper found the people and pursued. During the chase, one of the pair leaned out of the cars window with a shotgun and fired at a trooper. The pursuit ended, and both people ran and the trooper shot both. Brittany Teichroeb of Odessa was killed and 43-year-old Christopher Price was seriously wounded.

Victim's Name: Brittany S. Teichroeb

Agency Responsible: Texas Department of Public Safety, U.S. Marshals Service

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Race: White

Date of Death: June 29, 2020

County: Midland

Cause of Death: Gunshot

Official Disposition: Pending investigation

Criminal Charges: No known charges

Mental Illness: No

Armed: Allegedly Armed

Weapon: gun

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