Roudy Hendricks Killed by Boston Police Department

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Category: Police - City
Old Crime Scene Address:
Dorchester Avenue, near Shepton Street
Mapping Police Violence:

Boston drug control unit Officers Harry Jean and Terry Cotton were observing two men. An alleged shootout between officers and the men ensued. Both officers were wounded by gunfire, and one of the men was shot to death.

Victim's Name: Roudy Hendricks

Agency Responsible: Boston Police Department

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Race: Black

Date of Death: August 7, 2013

County: Suffolk

Cause of Death: Gunshot

Official Disposition: Unknown

Criminal Charges: No known charges

Mental Illness: No

Armed: Allegedly Armed

Weapon: gun

Threat Level: attack

Fleeing: Not fleeing

Geography: Urban

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