Judge James E. Towery sex trafficked ALL of my children

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I told my attorney, Joshua Bentley, that my now ex-wife had made filings for a divorce. He then asked me what Department my case was in.

Mr. Bentley then told me [in person] to text him for a referral to a family law attorney. I had to contact him several times over the next week and half to get that referral.

When he finally got back to me, he referred me to Ms. Amini, who I then hired.

Ms. Amini told me that she could not represent me if I did not hire a therapist to prepare me for my divorce. She then referred me to Valerie Houghton.

I was emailed instructions to pay Ms. Houghton only in cash and not to tell anyone. Furthermore, Ms. Houghton stated several times to me that the judge [Honorable James E. Towery] would be angry should I fire either her or Ms. Amini.

I asked Ms. Amini several times about needs for secrecy and cash payments. She never gave me an answer that made any sense.

After paying about $30,000 between the two of them in a span of two months, I fired both of them.

The next hearing Judge James Towery vacated all of my hearings without my consent. These hearings included ones pertaining to custody and visitation.

Before firing my attorneys I notified Ms. Houghton, Ms. Amini, and Marie O'Leary (supervisor for visitation) that my ex-wife was letting an older man molest our 13 year old son. The two attorneys mostly ignored me. Furthermore, Ms. O'Leary would not allow me to talk to my son about it.

At the last hearing that Ms. Amini appeared my ex-wife disclosed that she had hidden $130,000 worth of gold coins. I was in complete shock.

I never thought that I would see those coins again because my ex-wife is greedy. No one even mentioned that it was a possibility before that hearing. Ms. Amini got an agreement that we would each get $25,000, while the remaining $80,000 went to my Ms. Amini to be held in trust.

After the end of my divorce I carefully examined Ms. Houghton's website. She listed the Honorable Towery as a former employer and as a reference.

Furthermore, Ms. Houghton had offered her services to my ex-wife after I fired her. I was subsequently cut out of my children's lives by way of a restraining order. There was never even a trial on calendar for domestic violence, nor was there an opportunity to review or sign a stipulation. Something was read from a phone by my ex-wife's attorney. I did not understand at the time that it was a 3 year restraining order that prevented contact with my children. I could only see the kids if "mother agreed."

I immediately filed a motion to reconsider and subpoenaed the police report that showed that no domestic violence occurred. Judge Towery said, "I know that you think that it is unfair, but you agreed." He never once asked about my children, but when we divided the gold coins he asked if the coins were "Krugerrands" or the like.

After the divorce was finalized Gina Zamora, who was then his clerk, wrote me a letter stating that Judge Towery intended on removing the police report from the record. I objected because the report was referred to on my motion for reconsideration. Ms. Zamora did not remove the police report. Two weeks later I was contacted by Ms. Jackson, his new clerk, by phone. She said that she would remove the police report against my objection. I asked her why Ms. Zamora was not the one contacting me. Ms. Jackson then said that Ms. Zamora had been "promoted".

My occupation entailed working with children in a therapeutic capacity. After not seeing my children for three years, I was no longer able to do so without experiencing severe emotional pain. I went homeless, so I filed a motion to reduce my child support. I was living in a car and could only find work doing labor in a warehouse. My motion was not only denied, but my support obligations actually were also increased. I was left to live off $300 a month after taxes and support. I could not afford to eat enough. I was forced to use food pantries because food stamp eligibility is calculated without child support obligations.

Judge Towery then ordered a hearing to renew the restraining order. My ex-wife wrote that it should be renewed because of my homelessness. I refused to appear at the hearing because of the aforementioned conflict of interest. Judge Towery ordered the renewal anyways.

At one point I did go to a hearing asking for a reconsideration. I asked Judge Towery to tell me why I couldn't see my kids. He spent several minutes on the computer, but could not give me an answer of any kind.

I ended up filing a petition in Federal Court because Judge Towery had an obvious conflict of interest and he refused to recuse himself. I was forced to file a voluntary dismissal after being stalked, harassed, hacked, threatened, and ultimately poisoned.

My son recently turned 18, so I was able to see him. He confirmed that he had indeed been molested. I told him to go to the police to report what had happened to him. A week and a half later Judge Towery filed an order on HIS OWN ACCORD that I could only have supervised visitation with my ADULT son.

I have strong reason to believe that my other children have also been molested, but I cannot confirm anything because I have not seen them in over six and a half years. I've asked him on multiple occasions to order an emergency screening, but he refuses. The only things that matter to Judge Towery are his own interests. He could care less about my children getting sexually abused.

Ms. Houghton's website has removed from the internet [www.valeriehoughton.com].

I have a separate case that involves my youngest daughter that I have with another mother. Ms. Houghton says that she has "lost a lot of business" because of my complaints. The mother wants to give me custody, but Ms. Houghton says, "My child, my rules." The problem is that my daughter is currently under the custody of a known rapist. The mother herself accuses the man of drugging and raping her. This evidence was submitted to the Court.

The mother came to court and AGREED to my motion to establish paternity, but before we could sign the stipulation we were rushed into the courtroom, where the judge DENIED my motion. The judge even acknowledged the memo from the mediator stating that she agreed by referring to the defect and waiver of service.

They are sex trafficking all of my children. I have been poisoned so many times that all of my organs have been damaged, my testicles have atrophied, and the shape of my face has fundamentally changed. Ms. Houghton is not only a therapist and attorney, but also a registered nurse who used to work in medical malpractice. Judge Towery also used to be an attorney who has worked in medical malpractice. You can find more information about this here: https://copblaster.com/blast/34327/valerie-r-houghton-poisoned-me-because-i-complained

I have complained to the Commission on Judicial Performance. They refuse to investigate. Gregory Dresser, who is the head of the CJP, sent me a letter stating that he will not reconsider investigating any of the allegations. Since Judge Towery run unopposed, he has no incentive to protect my children. I've notified many people, including the Chief Justice of California, as well as the Presiding Judge of the county, State Bar of California, and District Attorney's Office. It is telling that even the fact that other people know that he is sex trafficking my children does not make him stop. Judge Towery does whatever he wants.

You can find more information about Judge Towery here http://www.therobingroom.com/california/Judge.aspx?id=15387 and here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qULmfLltwPA

Ben Z. Says:

Judge Towery is making an example out of me.

He has every right to do whatever he wants. If he wants to take away your children without cause, it is his choice to make.

Never complain.

If he wants your children to be sexually abused, shut your mouth and come to court with a smile.

Ben Z. Says:

Judge Towery gets to create whatever reality that he wants. Billable hours for the attorneys are the priority. The fact that my son was molested was secondary.

He just doesn't care. It didn't bother him in the slightest when I told him about my kids or not seeing them.

Judge Towery wants me to pretend that nothing is happening to my kids. He wants me to pretend that my son is not suicidal and not strung out on drugs.

He wants me to pretend that my daughter is not under the custody of a rapist.

I need to do all that pretending so that the rest society can pretend that Judge Towery is doing a great job protecting the children of Santa Clara County.

Ben Z. Says:

Dear Judge Towery,

I have been begging for an emergency screening. As I have told you on numerous occasions, my eldest son has confirmed that he has been molested. You have also received details that indicate that the other three may have also been sexually abused.

An emergency screening has never been ordered for any reason in this case.

I humbly ask once again that you order one.


Ben Z.

(screen shot of this message plus URL emailed to jt*****(at)scscourt.org)

Terry K. Says:

Ms. Houghton has made it clear that she will kill me before they will give me custody.

You can't really fault them for what they are doing. It is who they are.

Ben Z. Says:

Judge Towery wants to have me made out to be crazy. He and Ms. Houghton are trying to make me out to be crazy.

He has absolutely no sense of responsibility.


Ben Z. Says:

Before making a single complaint I asked Judge Towery privately to recuse himself, but he refused.

Ms. Houghton says that it was "bought and paid for."

Ben Z. Says:

I asked Judge Towery privately to recuse himself, but he refused.

Ms. Houghton says that it was all "bought and paid for."

Ben Z. Says:

Judge Towery did what he did,

All I asked for was a recusal. That was what I asked the him and Presiding Judge for. When I was denied, I asked the Chief Justice of California, who also denied the request.

So I sued Judge Towery in District Court. The misconduct and conflict of interest were OBVIOUS.

If he won't reuse himself, Judge Towery should at the very least order an emergency screening and allow me to continue pursuing paternity for my youngest daughter.

Ben Z. Says:

I took such good care of my health. I would go to the gym on a daily basis and eat healthy.

Now I feel dizzy and tired all of the time.

Ms. Houghton says that she "lost a lot of business" because I complained. That still doesn't justify destroying my health.

Ben Z. Says:

I dropped all the complaints and filed a voluntary dismissal of my district court complaint.


Judge Towery needs to throw my youngest daughter under the bus, as well.

Why can't he just be a MAN? Why can't he admit to his own misconduct? What did any of my children do to him?

Ben Z. Says:

After Ms. Houghton concealed that my son was being molested, she said the children would be "finished" without me.

They knew exactly what they were doing. Judge Towery simply didn't care about my kids.

He continues to show it with his refusal to order an emergency screening and by not allowing me to stipulate to the paternity of my youngest daughter.

Ben Z. Says:

You are not allowed to be a human being in Judge Towery's Courtroom.

Forget about protecting your children from sexual molestation.

Forget about saving your daughter from being in the legal custody of a rapist.

His cruelty and sadism will be on display. Judge Towery will punish you inside his courtroom. If you dare try to complain, you will lose your health.

How dare I complain? Me and my children are nothing. Judge Towery is the only one who matters.

Ben Z. Says:

It wasn't fair to me to have been poisoned. Yes, I complained. I believed that it was my right to do so.

He is a judge. If anyone should understand what it means to behave in a civil manner, it should be Judge Towery.

I have decreased sensation over my entire body and my lips permanently feel like I was just at the dentist.

What Judge Towery should have done was just order an emergency screening. It would have been over and done with. I don't understand how a man in his position cannot take responsibility for his own behavior.

Ben Z. Says:

Judge Towery said the "children have my voice."

Who needs a voice like that?

Ben Z. Says:

Judge Towery works with the attorneys to extract the money. If you don't comply, you will get punished. No arguments or pleadings will help. The money will always come first. He didn't even care about the sexual molestation of my kids.

Once he starts punishing, it will get progressively worse. He annihilated me for not paying. I only started complaining three years after my divorce was finalized. Judge Towery at that point had ordered a hearing to renew the restraining order and my support was increased to a level that left me hungry. It was until after that that I started writing letters to the appropriate people and filed a complaint.

Ben Z. Says:

He is a judge. Why should Judge Towery have to take any responsibility for sex trafficking my children? That needs to fall on me and my kids.

He worth more than all of us combined.

Ben Z. Says:

Even the rapist who has legal custody of my daughter did not object to having me establish paternity. The only people who seem to have an issue are Judge Towery and Valerie Houghton.

Ben Z. Says:

It wasn't enough that Judge Towery sex trafficked my son. He had to do it a second time to my youngest daughter whom I have with another mother. Said daughter is under the legal custody of man who previously drugged and raped a teenager. The evidence was not only entered into the record, but also the mother doesn't want him to have parental rights. She understands the inherent danger involved, so she came to court and AGREED for me to establish paternity. Before we could sign a stipulation, we were rushed into the courtroom, where my motion was DENIED.

Judge Towery sex trafficked my children TWICE. The last time the mother didn't even want the child sex trafficked. This is how terrible this man is. He acts like I actually owe him something for complaining.

Ben Z. Says:

They live in fantasy land. If the record shows it then it must be true.

The most dangerous people work in medical malpractice.

Your heart rate can go below 50. The ER staff will give you a clean bill of health, but demand that you take medical transport back to your car.

You can stop urinating for more than 24 hours, testicles atrophy, and the shape of your face change, but your blood work will look better than it has in more than 20 years.

Ben Z. Says:

Judge Towery uses every bit of leverage to squeeze out the money. He is the one orchestrating the charade with the attorneys. My attorney said right before we entered a courtroom that a restraining order would leave visitation "wide open". Then we entered and my ex-wife's attorney said that he forgot his paperwork on his desk. He read something from a phone. It was a three year restraining order that forbade me from contacting my kids and only allowed visitation if/ when my ex-wife agreed.

I didn't understand what it was until after we left the courtroom. I never saw or signed any documents.

I quickly appealed the order, subpoenaing the police report that showed that no domestic violence occurred. Judge Towery said, "I know that you think that it is unfair, but you agreed."

Ben Z. Says:

Judge Towery has no sense of responsibility. It is one thing to let my son get molested, but to get punished for complaining is outrageous. How dare I complain? How dare I try to protect my kids? Towery has a complete lack of empathy. He can't understand why a parent would be angry. Instead he became the aggrieved victim. Now Judge Towery is fighting back by forcing my daughter to be under the custody of a rapist. He won't even fix what he did to my other kids. ONLY HE MATTERS.

Ben Z. Says:

If Judge Towery wants to take away your kids, or otherwise let them be sexually abused, it his right to do so. He can even have you poisoned for complaining. No one will do anything about it.

I have complained to the Commission for Judicial Performance. They refused to investigate any of my claims, even with all the evidence from the court record and screen shot of Ms. Houghton's website. I wrote Gregory Dresser a letter asking him for a reconsideration, as even a private admonishment could have corrected his behavior and protected my children. Mr. Dresser wrote me back. He refused any reconsideration.

I have also contacted Assemblymember Mark Stone, who chairs the Judicial Committer. He has been contacted on numerous occasions, but won't even respond.

Ben Z. Says:


If you let a 13 year old boy get molested so that the attorney that you are friends with can get $80,000 worth of gold coins placed into trust, a complaint is warranted. I am so sorry if it damaged Judge Towery's pristine reputation.

The retaliation pertaining to my daughter is ABHORRENT and DISGUSTING.

He won't take any responsibility for his actions. He refuses to even order an emergency screening to see if my other kids are okay.

Ben Z. Says:

Here are links of screenshots of the website that Valerie Houghton removed from the internet after I initially complained about her conflict of interest. She listed Judge Towery as a former employer and as personal reference.



Ben Z. Says:

Judge Towery does not care about my children. He had absolutely no empathy for them. All he cared about was the money. Now he is throwing my youngest daughter under the bus to save face.


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