Did Judge James Towery get Police Chief Eddie Garcia fired?

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Judge James Towery allowed a felon armed with several weapons, a silencer, and drugs free with no bail.

Police Chief Eddie Garcia was livid. He called out Judge Towery publicly for endangering the public.

Roughly two months later Eddie Garcia announced that he would be retiring from the San Jose Police Department. A few months after the retirement announcement he took a job as the new Police Chief for Houston.

Maybe he wanted to uproot his young family move away from the San Jose, where he grew up.

Maybe he wanted to make half as much money in Houston.

Or did Judge Towery get mad?

Why did Judge Towery intervene in criminal court in the first place?

He has been exclusively a Family Court Judge for the last several years.

What I do know is that Judge Towery doesn't like to be criticized. He had me poisoned for making complaints against him.

He is also corrupt. He let my son get molested to help an attorney get assets placed into trust.

I was also followed by young Latino men who resembled like gang members. They all wore red attire. Some had red bandannas hanging out of their pockets.

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