George Zachary Terwilliger HATES Free speech and internet privacy

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Category: Prosecutors - Federal
Last Known Surveillance Address:
714 Potomac St,Alexandria, VA 22314

George Zachary Terwilliger Prosecuted multiple Deep Web and dark web Marketplaces as well as Services including Swatting, doxxing, and Drugs. While This may seem like a Good Thing, he always does it illegally. He always gets the FBI to hack into these services, spy and harass people etc. He never shows Any Remorse, in spite of the fact that the People He's always prosecuting are young impressionable teens and young adults. he will give Teens Life Sentences if he wants. He does not care about anyone but himself. On top of this when he seizes child pornography he often takes it for himself. he currently has 19 terabytes of child porn on his Devices and Overall hard drives in his house.

His Last known (and likely current) Address was:

2717 Sycamore St, Alexandria, VA 22305

His current work email is:

His Current work phone:


His Fathers Address:

714 Potomac St,Alexandria, VA 22314

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