Name withheld by police Killed by Person County Sheriff's Office

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Category: Police - County
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1300 Clay Long Road
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A deputy was dispatched around 10:13 p.m. in response to an incomplete 911 call. When the deputy arrived, they found a man with a gun holding three people hostage. The deputy called for assistance and demanded that the man drop his weapon. The man refused and pointed the gun at the hostages, and the deputy shot and killed him.

Agency: Person County Sheriff's Office

Motive: hostage situation

Confrontation Type: Violent Crime

Service Call: Yes

Body Camera: no

Official Disposition: Pending investigation

Victim Name: Name withheld by police

Death Date: April 2, 2021

County: Person

Geography: Rural

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Race: Unknown race

Cause of Death: Gunshot

Criminal Charges: No known charges

Mental Illness: No

Armed: Allegedly Armed

Weapon: gun

Threat Level: attack

Fleeing: not fleeing

Washington Post Database ID: 6744

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