Multiple deputies listed in civil suit for failure to report neglect

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San Bernardino County

San Bernardino County is being sued because multiple deputies and at least one Welfare Fraud Investigator failed to report a mother for child neglect, resulting in the child being sexually abused "most likely over 1,000 times" by a now former deputy.

This information comes from a complaint filed in a civil lawsuit against San Bernardino County.

Per the lawsuit, the child's mother wouldn't provide for her child's basic needs, didn't register them for school, would abandon the child while doing drugs, and didn't stop her child from moving in with Deputy Jeremie Cox, an unrelated male who had no legal authority to watch after the child.

While the child was living with Deputy Cox, Cox would sexually abuse the minor "over 1,000 times", would take them on vacations and would have the child do ride alongs. Deputy Cox was arrested in September of 2021 after a male victim reported him to the Crimes Against Children Unit with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. Jeremie Cox has been charged with 27 felonies, most of them are related to the victim he sexually abused from 2013-2016, four felonies for sexually abusing a child from 2001-2002 and possession of a machine gun.

The named mandated reporters in the lawsuit: Dep. Scott Leach, Dep. Dale Dyer, Dep. Tim Brown, Dep. Marylee Brown, Dep. William Ziemer, Dep. Amanda Thomas, Dep. Jeremie Cox, Sgt. Stephen Spear and Welfare Fraud Investigator Heather Moon.

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