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Sangamon St.
Lincoln, Illinois 62656

On January 5, 2022 My fianc' Jeffrey Plotke & I (Kelsey Skelton) were stopped by the Lincoln Police here in Lincoln, IL. We were at a stop sign on Sangamon St and a Lincoln officer Chad Eimer and Clinton Wombles had stopped us. Eimer stopped right in front of my 2016 Hyundia Sonata and he came to the passenger side of my car and asked Jeff to get out of my car. Jeff complied. He got out and Eimer searched Jeffs person. He had nothing on him. Eimer then came to the passenger side of my car and asked "Kelsey are you okay?" I said "Yes, I am fine!" I asked him to not arrest Jeff & that he hadn't done anything wrong, that we had just been in a verbal argument. Nothing had ever gotten physical between us.

Eimer had said that he wasnt going to arrest him. Soon as he said that and he was about to let us go there was another Dodge Truck pulling up on my passenger side and it was officer Kevin Lynn. He got out of his truck and you could tell that he had an attitude as soon as he got out of the truck. He went to Eimer and said "No! Arrest that son of a bitch, and cuff him up and take him to the jail and book him on disorderly!"

Soon as Lynn said that I saw Jeff running. He was running to the left towards the train tracks. He ran about 20 to 30 ft. Clinton Wombles the other officer had been the first officer to take pursuit after Jeff, and he was yelling at him telling him to stop or he was going to shoot him with the taser.

Jeff then had stopped and he had his hands up in the air and even then Clinton Wombles still shot Jeff with the taser.

He had been tased in his back and in his head/face.

I got out of my car and i went to where they were and Jeffrey at this point was on his stomach and his hands were behind his back. He looked up at me and said to me "Kel, why are they beating me?" I just shook my head and said "I don't know Jeff." I was crying and screaming for these officers to stop beating on him. They were stomping on him, Kevin Lynn at some point had taken his gun and placed it into the side of Jeffreys ribs and he had pulled the trigger. He almost took his life. The gun for some reason did not go off thankfully (was said in the discovery).

Jeffrey was taken to the Lincoln Emergency room, and they had done x-rays and they came back with a medical report stating that Jeff had no injuries. He was then taken to the Dewitt County jail in Clinton, IL and he was complaining of pain for well over a month until he finally got x-ray again by a place called biotech. It came back that he did in fact have broken ribs. He keeps seeing flashes of light to due with his eye sight and being shot in the face with that taser.

His bond is $12,500 and he has 3 different charges.

#1, Resisting arrest

#2, Aggravated Battery to a Peace officer

#3, Trying to disarm a peace officer

These charges are all crap. The only charge that he is guilty of is the running! I don't know why he ran. I think his brain and his legs were telling him 2 different things. Jeffrey has always respected the Lincoln Police every time we had ran into them. I don't know what to do or where to turn anymore. I am begging for help for him. This is not the first time lincoln officers have done something like this.

May 2022

The lincoln Police had beat up my ex huisband and broken his ribs!

A couple weeks after this happened to me n my fiance my ex husband Christian J. Skelton was t hrown to the ground and was tased and they also had broken his ribs. ]

Kelsey Skelton

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