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7/15/2022 - So please excuse my sister April she went a little to far. Yes I was mad at Crystal so at first it was ok. But yes now it's a little over the top. I did put my hands on her because she shoved me and I broke her ribs and gave he a a head injury. Yes I got pulled over and yes it was my drugs and gun so April please just stop I got enough shit right now going on and now this rap charge with Nikki daughter I got to worry about so please knock this shit off.
7/15/2022 - Don't listen to this my sister April made this because I told bullshit to be mad at Crystal but this went to far april. I love you sister but you put her address on here to and made her look like a nark. What where you thinking . And she ob list because it's her car that's the truth. Now she won't even talk to me over this bull shit .

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