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8/30/2023 - Judge Rosa and her husband have both retired so they're no longer the worst disability judges in Oregon. Great news for victims everywhere.

Shortly after their retirement, the victim in this case received word from his lawyer that the other side's lawyer agreed to seek a remand order due to legal errors committed by Rosa. Normally SSA defends the ALJ until a higher authority finds errors occurred, but the errors in this case seem to be so obvious that they're not worth disputing.
8/15/2021 - I updated this article to include a PDF which shows the approval ratings of all 12 administrative law judges in Portland, Oregon for the 2021 fiscal year. It clearly shows that the two worst judges live under the same roof.

What are the odds that the bottom two ALJs with the worst approval ratings live under the same roof? To put that another way more favorable towards them or at least objective, what are the odds that the two ALJs which receive the largest percentage of invalid claims live under the same roof?

I don't know what those odds are, but I have a feeling that they are not very high.

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