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4/29/2023 - One more thing, usually people who've been wronged by a cop know what the cop looks like anyway because of that experience, so if someone were to recognize an officer in public and call them by name, it probably would be because of their own personal experience not from photos they browsed online.
4/29/2023 - McBride might be right about how the department could have objected more vigorously to the public records request. The founder of this website encountered nothing but resistance when trying to get records from the feds years ago. It wasn't until he sued for excessive force that his discovery rights compelled the government to turn over the material he sought.

That material eventually led to a settlement, but most of the material remains offline due to a protective order. The government's argument was that because the videos showed the inside of a federal prison that it constituted a safety risk so he shouldn't be allowed to post it online. Since they settled it was never posted.
4/29/2023 - We are glad that McBride focuses most of his criticism on the department for releasing the photos instead of unsuspecting members of the public who did nothing other than request public records and upload them to the internet.

Like he said, the photos are now on the internet on a bunch of websites. Unfortunately, most of those sites are merely hosting zip files and only one other site has a user friendly interface for browsing.
4/29/2023 - Judging by the video it appears he has lost hair and gained weight since his photo.

Adding videos is one service we may perform time permitting, so if you have a link to a video you would like to see embedded feel free to send it to us. If we think it is relevant to the officer we will probably add it for you.

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