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4/23/2021 - I actually have audio on a Reagan Rose from Minnesota debriefing with drug task force but it's a female...... hmmm
If the OP ever reads this let's chat I wanna know more about. I have a group on fb that exposes tellers. I'm Peebee EnJay and the group is called Tattle Tellers. Dude in the photo above looks like a dam cop too
12/3/2020 - Is there anything to back this up? I have a lot of this paperwork myself that shows Ashley Sprecher is a snitch and Travis Hanson as well. I'm no saying I don't believe you I'm just asking because I would love to see it.
Ashley was in federal custody for a few days. She was sentenced and released to go stay home with her kids and go to treatment. An obvious blessing considering the usual mandatory minimum 10 years most get. She got out and immediately took off started using heroin again and has since been re arrested an and I believe sentenced recently to 48 months.
Hanson was looking at life due to previous federal convictions. He got the 10 years and Stapleton got 7.5. If I'm not mistaken they all snitched.

Would love to read his paperwork. - Peebee Enjay

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