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8/11/2017 - Reporting to Marion Alexis Florez Florido, Colombian, aged between 27 and 30, cell (908) 9305502, tourist visa expired in 2016, last entry to the US 12/27/2015, has worked with false documents such as Ana Marina Rodriguez or Gomez (908) 322-5200, NJ and Brickforce Staffing (908) 444 8076 (2013). Used free medical services San Peter hospital Nj, got married to look for papers on 06/20/2017 with Giovanny Gracia Cell (908) 444 6704, Colombian, age 46, deported and 13 criminal records, now he's a resident, works at Joes Electrical Service. They’are living in 1000 W. 5th St Plainfield, NJ 07063

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