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9/4/2020 - I didn't mean that Trump was going to broaden the police state. If he had that kind of power, he would smash the protests to assert himself as the law & order candidate, I think. A lot of his supporters are very pissed that he isn't doing anything. It has become crystal clear this year that absolute control is the goal.
9/4/2020 - As a right-wing guy, I appreciate your objectivity and will bookmark this website for the future. I do disagree though on this point you made:

"The feds may have feared that had they not killed Reinoehl that he would have continued to use his case to support the need for a second American civil war."

If anything, they killed him because wanted to fan the flames further. This chaos gives the police state exactly what it needs to expand its power. These protesters aren't tough people, they only do this because there are no legal consequences. If the state wanted to stop them, they'd crush them within an hour. Combined with the corona madness, it is a perfect storm for the government to take absolute control of the people.

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