Carson City, Nevada Deputies Treatment of Victims

Carson City, Nevada Deputies Treatment of Victims
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After being attacked and badly beaten with a blunt force object, by a man, (and his friend) I rented a room from a week prior on Craigslist I called 911. The man who hurt me manged to get Deputy Gibson (who showed up) to believe I should be taken to jail-not him. They knew eachother from school days as kids and I was in too much shock to get him to believe me-I tried though.. Gibson arrested me for a scratch I gave one of my attackers(there were 2 men against me) and took me to the Carson City Jail with severe injuries.He claimed he saw no injuries on me worth seeing a doctor for!

When I got to the jail, after waking up in the morning, I pushed the red button for a doctor(I had bruises from head to toe and 2 broken ribs). The guards Deputy Reece and Deputy Whitehead yelled at me thru the intercom after hours of waiting that I better not push it again. When I saw the P.A.(not doctor), hours later, he said I would probably be fine, but that I did probably have broken ribs, and still did not need to see an outside doctor.

The next day. still in jail, I asked Deputy Whitehead when he did his rounds, for my pain pill the doctor promised (an advil) and when I asked him if I could see the doctor again-he screamed at me so loud that I "cannot see the doctor again!", and

if I "asked him again" (only asked 2 times) that He would put me "in detention!" I thought he was going to hurt me, he was so mad.

Nevertheless, my friend bailed me out the next day before he could put me in there to maybe die from internal injuries! I went to the local ER, where they found 2 broken ribs and a huge hematoma on my stomach, and a big bite mark on my face! These deputies I mentioned in there treated me like they did not care if I died, when I was a woman victim! They did see all my bruises and took photos of them when i asked them to-but they did not seem to care about my health at all!

The DA pressed charges for that scratch and Gibson refused to take my report on his childhood friend who nearly killed me! They finally dropped the charge of assault on me, after I was going to take it to trial. It was a surreal, and a very scary experience that made me wonder how many other innocent people have had their Civil Right's violated at the Carson City Jail?? All I wanted was the police to save me from these two men who lied to the cops saying that I, the woman. was really the attacker on them! I was just defending myself and they had no injuries! SELF-DEFENSE. THESE WERE TWO YOUNGER MEN THAT WERE STRONG AND ON DRUGS- I HAD JUST A COUPLE OF DRINKS IS ALL! NOW I HAVE THE ARREST ON MY RECORD AND I AM SCARRED EMOTIONALLY.

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